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Dattaguru Panchguru

In the Shree Saisachcharita, Shree Sainath says to His dearest bhakta,


Dattasarikhe Poojya Daivat, Asata Sahaja Maargi Tishthat,
Abhaagi Jo Darshanavarjit, Mee Kaay Paavata Tayaasi.

(If You Decide To Skip The (Darshana) Of The Most Revered And Adorable Deity Like Datta, Who Stands Waiting For You, That Too Right On Your Path, You Are Truly Unfortunate. And In Such A Situation, How Do You Expect That I Grace You?)

Shree Sainath, The Master Of My (Annamaya Kosha), My Guru, Who Guides, Uttered These Words That Signify The Course Of My Mission, As Also The Unshakable Faith And Commitment At The Feet Of Shreegurudatta, The Master Of My (Anandamaya Kosha) Guru, My Master.

Vishwamitra, The Sage, Who Taught The Two Great Arts Of Balaa And Atibalaa To Prabhu Ramachandra, The Maryaadaapurushottama, For The Purpose Of His Mission, Was Also The One To Render The Gayatri Mantra (Siddha) For The Entire Universe.


Gayatri Panchguru

Prabhu Ramachandra Regularly Recited The Gayatri Mantra At Dawn.

Bhagavana Shrikrishna Says Gayatri Chandasaam Aham
Among The (Chanda), I Am Gayatri. My Vatsalyaguru Shree Gayatrimata Govern (VigyanmayKosh).


In The Yuddhakaanda Of The Valmiki Ramayana, All The Gods And Goddesses Come To Bhagavana Shrirama And Say, “”O Shrirama! You Are The Creator Of The Universe, You Pervade All And Everything, You Are The Best, The Supreme Among The Learned And You Are The Greatest Among The Gods, You Are Mahavishnu.”

To That, Shrirama Said,


“Aatmanam Maanusha Manye,
Raamam Dasharathatmajam.’

(Segment 117, Hymn 11, Yuddhakanda)

(Listen, O Gods, I Consider Myself To Be None Other Than Dasharatha’s Son Rama, Who Is A Human Being.)

If The Lord And Master Of My Manomaya Kosha And My Guru, Who Is The Subject Or The Doer, Utters These Words With Confidence And Conviction, Need I Say Anything About Myself?


Hanumant Panchguru

Mahaprana Shree Hanumanta says to Prabhu Shree Ramachandra,

Dehabuddhya Tu Dasoham
Jivabuddhya Tvadamshakam
Atmabuddhya Tvamevaham
Iti Me Nishchita Mati.

(From The Gross Physical Point Of View, I Am Your Server, From The Subtle Point Of View, I Am A Derivative Of The Completeness That You Are. At The Innmost, The Ultimate Level, You And I Are One, So I Firmly Believe.)

The Lord And Master Of My Pranamaya Kosha, Who Is Also My Protector Guru, Shree Hanumanta Finds Fulfilment And Joy In Calling Himself The Server Of Prabhu Shree Ramachandra, And I, Aniruddha, Ascertain With Pride That My Mission And Life Task Finds Fulfilment In Humbling Myself Before And Serving This Server.


                                                                                       Saibaba Panchguru

Soduniya Lakh Chaturai, Smaraa Nirantar Sai Sai,
Beda Paar Hoil Paahi, Sandeha Kaahi Na Dharaava

(Drop All Reason And Your Ego. Keep Evoking Sai, Keep Recalling Sai To The Mind. You Can Then Be Sure That You Will Sail Through The Stormy Seas Of The Material World. Have No Doubt In Your Mind)

The Composer Of The Saisachcharita Expounds The Significance Of The Name Of Sai. Shree Sainath Became The Support, The Protector And The Refuge Of Millions, The Sap Of Their Life.

“Bhaktakanava Babanchi Vaani, Vadati Zaali Ati Leenapani,
Daasaanudaas Mee Tumcha Runi, Nighaalo Darshani Tumchya.
Hee Ek Tumchich Krupa Mothi, Zaali Maja Tumche Paayanchi Bheti,
Kida Mee………….., Dhanya Mee Srushti Teneni”.

(Baba’s Words, Full Of Compassion For The Bhaktas, Pour Forth In Nobility And Humility. ‘I Bow Before You, I Am Endebted To You. I Am Here For Your Sake, In Fact To Have Your Darshana . It Is Actually Your Grace That I Could See Your Feet. I Am A Lowly Creature, But I Feel Fulfilled In This Creation Because Of You.)

That Is Parabrahma Sadguru Shree Sai’s Modesty,Humility, Unpretentiousness And His Great Unassuming Manners. If Saisamartha, The Master Of My 
(Annamaya Kosha) My Guru, Who Guides And Directs, Pronounces The Above Words, I  Assert That I Have No Right To Talk About My Immensity Or Prominence.